{ safe and sound sing memories theme Who am i? }

a b o u t
i'm not living, just existing.

im a fucking failure at everything my grades are like shit I can’t keep up with anything my concentration level is at a low I don’t get along with my fucking teachers I’m forever isolated everyone either hates me or finds me weird because I’m too tired to act like I’m actually happy in front of everyone and everyone thinks I’m trouble because I can’t even control what’s making me do all of this I’m simply running away from fucking everything because I can’t face up to reality it’s not my thing and that’s why I simply cannot function I’m just too afraid to live anymore because everything is crumbling upon me and there’s nothing I can fucking do. and now I have to fucking see the vice principals over some shit I fucked up and I don’t know anymore I just don’t want to wake up everything is so fucked up that I cannot fix it anymore ive tried trust me and I’m on the verge of giving up giving up on fixing things and giving up on life there’s simply nothing I can really achieve or do well in and I can’t ever be a good person which is why I don’t deserve any fucking one or even amy I don’t know I should just stay away right because everything that comes into contact with me gets fucking destroyed and I don’t want to destroy her I’m such a bad person right hence I deserve all of this shit that’s happening to me.

I wish I could die.

forever running away from everything right? It’s all I can do. I’m too weak.

I wish I don’t have to wake up tomorrow or ever again

thank god I still have an alternate blog

I’m not who I am anymore I don’t fucking know who I am what the fuck am I doing here who the hell is this

I want to fucking cry and yell and pull all of my fucking hair off over the person I’ve fucking become


imagine if people screamed instead of snored